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Camp LEAD - Leadership | Empowerment | Advocacy | Development

Hiring Status

As of late May, we have completed the hiring process. We are still taking applications for the waiting list. (In the past, we have been able to hire most or all of the youth on the waiting list.) Please apply by completing the steps outlined in the instruction packet (you can download this from the link above the videos on this page).

Please check in the portal for the current camp roster. (Log-in information is in the instruction packet.) This roster will be updated regularly.

  • This packet will help you apply for the waiting list. It also includes the log-in information for getting into the Camp LEAD portal.


Camp LEAD is a five-day camp in which youth work approximately 27 hours during the week of camp, earning minimum wage. Camping gear is provided. 

  • Week 1:  July 17 - 21, La Pine State Park
  • Week 2:  July 24-28, La Pine State Park 
  • Alt Week:  July 31 - August 4, La Pine State Park 
  • Week 3: August 7 - August 11, Silver Falls State Park
  • Week 4:  August 14 - 18, Silver Falls State Park 

Dropping Off & Picking Up

Youth should be dropped off around 11AM on the first Monday of each camp session. Lunch will be provided.

You can pick up campers at noon on Friday. Campers will participate in a short award ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments and will be provided with a brown bag lunch. Parents, transition specialists, and other family members are encouraged to attend.

Please be on time with drop-offs and pick-ups.

See the files below for printable instructions. You will also find maps linked below.

Fast Facts

  • Camping gear is provided.
  • Every youth gets their OWN tent.
  • The campsite is split by gender to protect everyone's privacy.
  • Bathroom facilities are available at both state parks (toilets, showers, sinks).
  • All meals are provided.
  • Camp LEAD doesn't cost anything to attend. In fact, we pay you to attend. This is a job training experience.
  • Each group of up to 16 youth will be supervised by 4 counselors, the Camp Director, and state park rangers.
  • Youth will be working up to 6 hours a day on projects around the park (trail beautification, tree trimming, raking, sweeping, etc.).
  • Youth will earn minimum wage ($10.25/hr.) for their work hours.

Camp LEAD & COYCC Integration

We have a very exciting opportunity for local (Central Oregon) youth this year. We'll be offering them a chance to work with our other summer program, COYCC for an additional 2.5 weeks of work. Each youth will need to express an interest in this opportunity, and will need a recommendation from their Transition Specialist and their camp counselor. Please see the informational flyer below.

Camp LEAD / COYCC Integration Fast Facts:

  • 2.5 additional weeks (after Camp LEAD) of outdoor conservation work across Central Oregon (building fences, trail maintenance, cleaning campgrounds, etc.)
  • Earn minimum wage
  • Attend College Day and Career Day to learn more about post-secondary opportunities
  • August 7-24, Mondays through Thursdays
  • Between 7:00 am – 4:30 pm (exact pick-up and drop-off times TBD)

Focus Group

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation, the State Rehabilitation Council, and the Oregon Commission for the Blind are conducting a comprehensive statewide needs assessment.  The assessment describes the rehabilitation needs of individuals with disabilities who live in Oregon. As part of the needs assessment, we are inviting your child to participate in a focus group, or small group discussion, about their need for and experience with pre-employment transition services (job exploration, work-based learning, or post-secondary counseling). Questions about the coordination between education providers and Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation will also be asked.

If you give permission for your child to participate in the focus group, your child will participate in the focus group during their Camp LEAD experience. We will ask them open ended questions about their perspective on strengths and barriers to employment, their experience with pre-employment transition services, and coordination with education services.

What are we asking youth to do? We are asking participants to take part in a one-hour focus group in a small group setting during their time at Camp LEAD.  They will be asked open ended questions about their perspective and experience.  Your child will receive a $20 visa gift card for participating.  

How will information be used in the needs assessment?  The needs assessment results may not improve individual services for your child. The information will be used to improve the overall vocational rehabilitation program planning and future service delivery. Information collected during the focus group will be used only for the needs assessment, and PPI’s permission to use the information will expire at the end of the needs assessment contract in Fall 2017.

What are the risks or benefits of participating in the focus group? The focus group has very little risk for your child. Your child can choose whether or not to participate in the focus group, respond to any question, and to stop at any time.  Your child’s responses will remain anonymous and no names will be included in the report. 

Is participation voluntary? Yes. We would like your child to participate in the focus group, but your child can choose whether or not to participate in the focus group, respond to any question, and to stop at any time.

Who is collecting the information at the focus groups? Program and Policy Insight (PPI) has been hired by the state to conduct the needs assessment, including the focus groups.  If you have any questions about participation in the focus group you may contact the Project Director, Kendra Lodewick, at 541.514.2687 or

If you would like your child to participate in the focus group, please complete and return the permission form. If you do not return the permission form, your child will not be able participate in the study. You do not need to complete the form if your child will be 18 years or older as of May 1, 2017.


Kendra Lodewick
PPI Project Director

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