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We've all had at least one opportunity that changed our lives. Do you remember yours?

We provide those significant, life-altering opportunities to local young people who need and deserve them.

These opportunities are essential now more than ever, as the odds continue to stack up against our disconnected youth. A disconnected youth, or "opportunity youth," is a person between the ages of 16 and 24 who is not in school or employed. 11.9% of Oregon youth are disconnected, which is about the national average. In Central Oregon, 16.4% of youth are disconnected, with Jefferson and Crook counties both being about 20%. 

Heart of Oregon Corps provides vocational training and continuing education to opportunity youth ages 16-24. Through the WORK, EARN, LEARN model of our 6 programs, we strive to create pathways out of poverty for youth and encourage their self-sufficiency. In addition to teaching youth job skills, the projects they work on help to keep our community beautiful and healthy, while the wages they earn stimulate regional economic growth.

Youth in our programs WORK on public lands conservation projects, reduce fire fuels, build affordable housing, and run a thrift store, gaining the skills and readiness they need to succeed; EARN money and scholarships for their hard work and build their financial independence; LEARN while gaining high school credits and certifications, preparing for the GED, or taking their first college class.