Bend Headquarters

How do we sponsor?

For your convenience we offer multiple ways to sponsor:

Why sponsor?

Join Mike's Fence Center and others in aligning your business with a worthy cause! Sponsoring our events provides your business with a unique opportunity to enhance its community presence and brand visibility. Make a meaningful contribution while gaining exposure to a diverse audience and fostering positive associations. 

Is my sponsorship tax-deductible?

  • Sponsorships are considered a business expense rather than a charitable contribution. Businesses engage in sponsorships primarily for marketing purposes, seeking visibility, brand promotion, and aligning with a good cause. Your sponsorship is not tax-deductible due to the promotion and services that you receive in exchange. See sponsorship level chart for details. 
  • Charitable donations to Heart of Oregon Corps are tax-deductible when you are not receiving any goods or services as a result. Heart of Oregon Corps is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. 

If we have more questions, who should we contact?

Please feel free to contact Heart of Oregon Corps at 541-633-7834 or email